With the first of the seasons lambs springing up in the fields – granted, a little bit chilly looking in their plastic coats – the crocus buds poking their green sprouts through the soggy grass, and the flicker of ice white snowdrops on┬áthe misty verges – can we begin to hope for sunnier skies?

But its not the lovely lambs or pretty flowers that get our chefs excited at this time of year … oh no … its something much cleverer than all that. Hidden away under vast heavy roofs, snuggled up under low lights, are the vibrant pink winding sprouts of Yorkshire Rhubarb – and we just LOVE it here at Lockwoods!

Downstairs in our cellar is a huge pan of rhubarb gin infusion, getting ready for our famous rhubarb G&T’s, and next week we will be making a rhubarb vodka, in preparation for our barman joe’s delicious Rhubarb Crumble Cocktail!


And probably the most popular dessert already on our spring menu, is our white chocolate and rhubarb tart, with stem ginger ice cream. So as a little springtime treat – we thought we would share our recipe with you, so you can re – create it at home, and fall in love with rhubarb too!



(makes x15 11cm tarts, or 1 large tart)

1.5kg Yorkshire Rhubarb

200g sugar (to taste

0.5kg cream cheese

10 egg yolks


Pre – heat oven to 180 degrees c

Using short crust pastry, fill x15 small or 1 large tart case with pastry – blind bake

Wash rhubarb and chop into thumb size pieces. Place on large baking tray and sprinkle with sugar (extra)

Bake until soft, allow to cool, then puree.

Into the mixer add cream cheese, egg yolks and sugar – whisk until smooth

Pour mixture into cool pastry case / cases

Bake large tart at 180 deg for 45mins / small cases for 25mins

Tarts should still have slight wobble when removed from oven – leave to rest and set