We are working with Ripon’s Workhouse Museum to do our bit to contribute to the food miles movement.

We’re proud to be known for serving fresh and local produce to our guests, but what many of our guests might not realise is that the food they are consuming is coming from just over 100 metres down the road.

We have a special relationship with the Ripon Workhouse Museum, located just 113 metres away. When fresh produce is available from the Workhouse Museum’s kitchen garden, a gardener loads it into a wheelbarrow and walks it the 113 metres to our kitchen where our chefs build it into our menus.

We are passionate about providing our customers with the freshest ingredients in our dishes, and doing so in a responsible way. Being able to source so much produce from just 113 metres away means that our ingredients are as fresh as they can be and we keep our food miles to a minimum. It also means that we’re able to constantly offer our guests new dishes as different produce comes into season throughout the year.

Our relationship with the Workhouse Museum is very special and is one of the reasons we are able to hosts events like British Food Fortnight – a real celebration of local produce. For two weeks from 19th September our guests will be able to enjoy a range of dishes celebrating everything that’s great about Yorkshire and British produce, from incredible handmade cheeses from the Yorkshire Dales to the fresh heritage potatoes from our neighbours at the Workhouse Museum.

Catherine Baxter of the Workhouse Museum, said:

“The volunteers at the Workhouse garden love to see the produce that they have tended throughout the year appearing on Lockwoods’ menu. It’s fantastic to give people the chance to try the heritage varieties of fruit and vegetables grown today in the museum, which would also have been popular in the 1890s.”

Food miles represent the distance food travels between land and plate, with many organisations, restaurants and consumers making more effort to keep their food miles, and therefore environmental impact, to a minimum.

To celebrate British Food Fortnight, we have created a special menu using the fantastic local produce available in Yorkshire and across the UK.  We will be showcasing many products that are available at this time of year with special mention to local produce with the lowest of food miles.

To see the British Food Fortnight menu, check out our event page.