Did you know that lobsters caught in our very own UK waters are considered by many to be the best?

Did you also know that every lobster served during our Lobster & Steak Festival has been sourced from waters off the coast of North East England?

Not only are we committed to using the very best ingredients in our dishes, but we’re also passionate about sourcing them responsibly in order to do our bit to contribute to sustainability. 

Here’s why we love our local lobsters…

  • The time between the lobsters leaving the water and reaching your plate is kept to a minimum, meaning you get to taste them at their freshest.
  • We pride ourselves on keeping our food miles to a minimum. The fewer the miles between the fishing boat and our kitchen, the smaller the carbon footprint.
  • The UK has stricter legislation in place than many other countries, meaning the risk of lobsters being caught before they’re fully grown is kept to an absolute minimum. This helps keep the lobster population in our waters stable in the long term.

Our Lobster & Steak Festival finishes this Saturday 14 July, so make sure you don’t miss out! Check out the menu below for more details.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Matthew Lockwood

L&S Menu