After all of the excitement of finally getting our delivery of food waste recycling bins, we have got the eco fever! We already use recycled paper for our menus, and recycle all our glass and plastic bottles, along with all the cardboard & paper. Now with the addition of our food waste recycling we have almost halved our waste to landfill – and we feel very proud!
With this in mind, we have been racking our brains to find other areas where we can cut back on our wastage. Our creative genius and resident artist Amy is always thinking outside of the box, and this time she really has come up with a goodie…
Every year over December we adorn our party tables with the classic Christmas cracker – and as is always the case with crackers, the bang is best bit! The rest ends up on the floor or straight in the bin, and this really doesn’t tie in very well with our new eco ethos … so this year we have decided to do something a little bit different.
Instead of a crummy cracker, party guests will find a lovely little envelope sitting patiently in their place at the table. Inside is a small packet of seeds – and not just any seeds – Christmas tree seeds!! Complete with instructions on how to grow your very own Christmas tree to enjoy for years to come! Now don’t worry, we haven’t turned into total Bah humbugs … also inside is the all important party hat, terrible joke, and our super exciting Christmas scratch card, to be treasured – Its surprise gift can be revealed in the New Year the next time you pop in.
We will be running our #growdontthrow campaign throughout the festive season and really hope that all our loyal customers old and new will help support us. We hope that this will not only help with all the extra waste we create around Christmas time, but also create a feel good tradition of GROW DON’T THROW at Christmas!
More detailed instructions of how to plant and care for your Christmas tree, click HERE