About Us

That's Lockwoods

Just ask. That’s Lockwoods.
At Lockwoods, if we have it, and we can make it, we will.

Trust in the detail. That’s Lockwoods.
At Lockwoods, there are no short-cuts, nothing left to chance.

The personal touch. That’s Lockwoods.
At Lockwoods, we cure it, we bake it, we blend it, we make it, we create it.

Think possible. That’s Lockwoods.
At Lockwood’s, when there is something you need, we will take care of it.

Flavour to savour. That’s Lockwoods.
At Lockwoods, we make it fresh.

In season for a reason. That’s Lockwoods.
At Lockwoods, our menus change to reflect and make fresh use of the best of what is available.

Relax. That’s Lockwoods.
At Lockwoods, atmosphere informal, welcome neighbourly warm.

Never too busy to care. That’s Lockwood’s.
At Lockwood’s, we will always be the friendliest person we know.

Important is all important. That’s Lockwood’s.
At Lockwood’s, no-one matters more than you.

Genuine. That’s Lockwoods.
At Lockwoods, we mean it

At home with tradition. That’s Lockwoods.
At Lockwoods, who we are is what we are.


People ask me why I wanted to set up and run my own restaurant.

As a child, I remember coming home from school and being greeted by the smell of home baking. The memory still puts a smile on my face as I think of it now. It was those moments that first made me associate food with more than simply a way to satisfy hunger. I saw it as a way of putting those smiles on other people’s faces. It gave me that first hint of the sense of satisfaction that can be gained from making people happy and seeing them enjoy themselves.

Later, with several part-time jobs in local pub kitchens and restaurants, I watched and learned from experts as they prepared and served a seemingly endless variety of dishes. They worked hard, and the very best of them never lost their passion, their enthusiasm, their commitment. I remember seeing how important the little things were. How attention to detail matters just as much as the recipes and flavours.

When I wasn’t helping out in the kitchens I was front of house, serving customers and clearing tables. Here the best bosses were those that worked with you. Those you could trust. I made a commitment then that any team of mine would do their best possible job for me because they know that I am there with them, there for them, and that I have done everything that I am asking them to, and would do it again. That philosophy has permeated into the very fabric of what Lockwood’s is today. Whether I am there to see it or not, I know my team are there for you, doing what they do best.

So when the chance came I took it. The opportunity for celebrating our Yorkshire roots in the ancient and historic city of Ripon, in the middle of areas of outstanding natural beauty. With that combination as inspiration it was the ideal place to explore the blend of traditional and contemporary that is reflected in our menus, our wines and décor. I saw that I could learn from the way others had done things. I wanted to create something better. Somewhere I would want to go back to time and time again.

And those same people who asked me why I wanted my own restaurant also ask me if I have any regrets. Maybe I wish now that I had known more of what lie ahead, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Maybe I wish I wish I had done it sooner, but the moment was right. And maybe I totally underestimated the time and effort that would be involved, but I also didn’t truly anticipate the absolute joy there is in watching a chef create and prepare fantastic food, fresh, different, always cooked to perfection; the delight in helping a team deliver outstanding service; the thrill of seeing a restaurant full of smiling satisfied customers.

The Lockwoods journey continues. We’re still learning, we’re still growing, and we’re still loving what we do. We hope you do too.

So while you are reading this, I hope you enjoy your time with us today. I hope we make you happy. I hope you will come and see us again very soon.

Thank you

Matthew Lockwood